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Linking to Employment Activities

LEAP is a USDOL program administered through the Workforce Investment Board that works with incarcerated individuals within the Oneida County Correctional Facility. LEAP job counselors lead participants in workshops that include career planning, preparing resumes, interviewing skills and mock interviews, time and money management skills, workplace communication skills, as well as educational and vocational advising and placement. Participants also receive follow up services to help ‘link’ them to faith-based and community support partners to assist them in navigating their job re-entry. LEAP also works with local business leaders to educate them about the hiring incentives available offering employment opportunities, such as the Federal Bonding program and the Work Opportunity Tax Credit. The goal of LEAP is to help participants get started on their workforce re-entry at the earliest stage possible, before they leave the facility, allowing them to “LEAP” from jail to jobs!


*Age Group: 18+

Director: Kristine Kipers