Outreach Coordinator Needed at MVEDD in Mohawk, NY

Outreach Coordinator Job Description

  • Mohawk Valley Economic Development District Inc.: Outreach Coordinator/Lead Community Energy Advisor
  • The individual who serves in this position will conduct and guide the outreach efforts for the Mohawk Valley Community Energy Engagement Program.
  • Respond quickly to all customer inquiries and provide accurate information in order to assist their projects and their participation in appropriate NYSERDA and non-NYSERDA programs to meet the customer’s need(s).
  • Identify opportunities for large- and small-scale outreach opportunities to promote the CEEP to residents, small businesses and nonprofits and multifamily building owners, with an emphasis on low-to-moderate income (LMI) households and communities.
  • Distribute NYSERDA program materials and information in compliance with guidance issued by NYSERDA
  • Make and maintain contact with local energy professionals and NYSERDA participating contractors who are certified by NYSERDA to perform approved energy upgrades
  • Experience and/or familiarity with energy system technologies is strongly desired
  • Refer customers to appropriate agencies which offer additional services in order to provide support to those in need
  • Make and maintain relationships with local community organizations in order to create partnerships to promote NYSERDA and relevant non-NYSERDA programs.
  • Schedule, organize and execute all events as needed to bring NYSERDA programs to as many members of the public as possible, including the setup and breakdown of event materials and supplies
  • Report metrics as required by NYSERDA through the designated CRM program as well as other forms of reporting
  • Attend training events and programs as requested by MVEDD and NYSERDA
  • Facilitate and maintain communication with all CEEP team members and NYSERDA
  • Other duties as needed


Contact: Stephen R. Smith, Executive Director. Email: ssmith@mvedd.org