Outreach Coordinator Needed – Utica, NY

Job Title: Outreach Coordinator

Target Population: Women interested in Non-Traditional Occupations


  • Initiate and maintain ongoing personal contacts with a variety of businesses and industry representatives and job placement/training agencies to promote project.
  • Make cold calls to potential employers; explain the benefits and employment support services provided by program to employers, including addressing employer’s special needs.
  • Research newspapers, employment agencies and other resources for job leads; locate jobs and/or training opportunities for participants; familiarity with labor market trends.
  • Assist participants in assessing educational, career, financial and personal needs.
  • Tailor program to participants’ specific needs and determine eligibility for funding opportunities.
  • Exhibit attention to detail for project evaluation and data collection for performance reports.
  • Empower females to join non-traditional occupations.


  • Bachelor’s degree required in human services, psychology, criminal justice or a related field
  • Academic advising; student development
  • Applicants from background similar to target population and/or familiarity with the challenges faced by them strongly encouraged
  • Impact of learning culture; ability to communicate across cultures; value diversity

Benefits: Health Insurance, Dental Insurance, Employer contributed matching 401 K, Vacation, Sick Leave, Holidays

To Apply: please send a resume to kbetti@working-solutions.org