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Looking to hire? Use our online Job Order form below or fill out our downloadable PDF of the form. The information you provide on the form will help us to understand your hiring needs, and to locate and select suitable candidates. Please review the information below the form, and use it as a guide when completing the Job Order form.

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Additional Information

Please review the information below, and use it as a guide when completing the Job Order form.

Unemployment Insurance Employer Registration Number

Please provide this number when faxing or calling in a job order. This verifies that you are authorized to operate within New York State. If you are a new employer and have just applied for this number, please advise us; we will use your Federal Tax I.D. number on an interim basis.

Referral Instructions

On job listings made available for job seekers’ review, the Department of Labor withholds the employer’s name, address, and contact information. This allows our staff to screen individuals’ qualifications before referring them to you, and to send only the number of candidates or resumes you have requested.

Referral Results

It is critical for us to get feedback concerning the quantity and quality of the referrals we make to your company. This will help us in our constant goal of improving our service to you and to the business community. For this reason, if we do not hear from you about referral results, Department of Labor staff may contact you for this information.

Veterans Preference

The Department of Labor makes every effort to find the most suitable candidates for your job opening(s). Our job seeker file contains military veterans skilled in many occupations and job duties. Department of Labor policy is to refer qualified veterans to job openings before qualified non-veterans.


To attract the best applicants, it is important for you to let potential employees know the benefits that you offer with your job. To some individuals, the benefits you provide may be more important than salary.