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Emerging High Tech Jobs

  • A $125 million Computer Chip Commercialization Center (Quad-C) is scheduled to be up and running at SUNY IT by the end of 2014, creating more than 1500 jobs. Opportunities with leading technology companies in support of nanotechnology research and development, semi-conductor capacity optimization, and other ground-breaking endeavors will revolutionize work in the Mohawk Valley.
  • The Mohawk Valley is already at the forefront in the field of Cybersecurity. The Air Force Research Lab in Rome is working along with dozens of companies to secure information and networks in government, finance, healthcare, energy and more. This job category promises to expand 17% by the year 2020.
  • The Federal Aviation Administration recently selected Griffiss International Airport one of six sites nationwide for the testing of unmanned aircraft systems. Businesses will partner with government to test the feasibility of navigation systems for drones, and develop guidelines for commercial operation. The implementation of drones research is expected to bring 500 jobs to the Mohawk Valley.
  • In yet another public-private alliance, the Marcy Nanotechnology Center has the potential to site 3 advanced chip fabrication centers over the next decade. The development plan could make the Mohawk Valley a global leader in the nanotechnology industry and bring 5,000-15,000 jobs to the area.

Job announcements related to the Innovation Economy can be found here. Working Solutions will post the names of companies hiring here so that you can direct your career planning, training and job search efforts to the ground-breaking initiative which are currently transforming our local economy.

Industry Snapshot

Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) Webinars for Job Seekers

The Defense Finance and Accounting Service Center has a significant need to fill positions for Accounting Technicians. These entry-level federal jobs support America’s Heroes by resolving issues related to their travel pay and financial information. This is an excellent opportunity for individuals with experience in customer care, Finance or Accounting who want to serve those who defend America. Training and equipment will be made available and many positions will be telework-eligible. DFAS offers great benefits, and opportunities for education and advancement. Webinars were recently held to help candidates successfully apply for these jobs.

DFAS staff provided information to assist applicants in understanding how to effectively navigate the online application process.

PowerPoint Presentation:

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Webinar Recordings:

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