(This Grant is By Referral Only)

The program is a bridge between parole and the “parolee”. Coordination with any mandated services per their Parole stipulations. Referrals to other community service providers that would assist in keeping them from re-incarceration. Help obtain needed documents (ID, birth certificate, social security card). Offer job readiness skills, Cognitive Behavioral Intervention and Ready, Set, Work- a 20hr work readiness program to assist participants with getting back into the workforce. Financial incentives awarded with completion.
Oneida County resident who is on parole

Referral must be made from their parole officer to engage in services.
Pre-release referrals done IN FACILITY prior to individual being released.

Please Note: We cannot fund or provide services to any male over the age of 18 who has not registered for selective service.


Emma Rasmussen, Project Director
Phone: 315-207-6951, Ext 120
Email: erasmussen@working-solutions.org

Verne Faulkner, Service Coordinator
Phone: 315-207-6951, Ext. 124
Email: vfaulkner@working-solutions.org