Career Pathways for Youth

CPY is a project designed to target refugee and underprivileged youth, both in school and out of school in the city of Utica.

CPY will help youths achieve their goals through gaining work experience through various locations throughout the city as wells as tutoring and educational assistance opportunities to improve on academic skills.

Introduction to CPY

Work experience and education credentials can help Utica residents between the ages of 16-24 achieve employment, complete education, and build a career on the path to the future.

With the work experience and educational assistance achieved from this program, we can start you on the path to success.

How it Works

  1. Participants will complete the necessary paperwork and assessment.
  2. Participants will gain necessary skills at various worksites around the city.
  3. Participants will be paid minimum wage for up to 200 work hours.
  4. 75 participants are eligible to be paid for attending tutoring..
Contact Information

Career Pathways for Youth
209 Elizabeth Street
Utica, NY 13501

Project Director
Kaila Booth,
(315) 798-5638

Educational Facilitators (315) 798-5904:
David Diodati,

Steve Nguyen,

Luke Bogar,