Our Programs

Our mission is to work together to develop and enhance youth and family services in Oneida County.

Program Eligibility

We offer a variety of grant programs with different eligibility requirements. If you have a client/customer that you’d like to refer to us but not sure what grant would be the best fit, you can click here to see the different eligibility criteria for each program.

Runaway & Homeless Youth Program

Have you ever lived on the streets, runaway or been homeless? Anonymously share your story, giving a voice to the runaway and homeless youth of yesterday and today, and helping to ensure a safer tomorrow for others.

Homeless Youth Program

YouthBuild Program

YouthBuild will help individuals earn their high school equivalency diploma, gain hands-on construction skills, develop leadership skills and become involved with the local community in a positive manner.

YouthBuild Program

Pathways to Justice Careers Program

Pathways to Justice Careers will help participants gain experience within the criminal justice and emergency services fields and build long-lasting relationships with the community’s law enforcement and public safety agencies.

Pathways to Justice Careers

BEAM – Bridge to Employment and Academic Marketplace

BEAM is a program to help college stop-outs 19+ year old get back to school. Learn more by visiting the BEAM page.