Our Youth Council

Oneida County Youth Services Council is now 4-years-old. Our mission is to work together to develop and enhance youth and family services in Oneida County. Our Function is to:

  1. Resource Review and Coordination: Determine/research existing community resources aimed at meeting the needs of youth and families and maximize these resources in order for youth and families to obtain the greatest possible benefits of existing programs and resources. Facilitate effective interagency communication and coordination of services and systems so as to address the needs of children, youth and their families.
  2. Professional Development: Respond to professional development needs of the membership by fostering interagency relationships and providing educational opportunities.
  3. Advocacy: Advocate for the needs of youth and families.

Who Can Join?

Participation with the Council shall be open to those individuals who have an interest in youth and families. A voting Council member is defined as anyone enrolled and actively participating in one of the standing workgroups/partner groups as well as with the Council. Attendance at full Council meetings shall not be limited to Council members but be open to the public.

Individuals may join the Council at any time during the year by participating in a workgroup/partner group and notifying the workgroup/partner group chair. Membership packets are updated and distributed in advance of the May/June Council meeting. The membership list is updated annually. Members may choose to resign at any time by notifying the workgroup/partner group chair.